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VMS Truck Repair in South Charleston WV

Safe and reliable truck repair and maintenance services from VMS

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NAPA truck service center 25309, truck repair shop 25309

Truck Repair Shop in South Charleston WV 25309

If you're needing local truck repair in South Charleston WV, look no further than VMS' truck repair shop. We're an authorized NAPA Truck Service Center, conveniently located at 4236 Kanawha Turnpike, behind Thomas Memorial Hospital. Our multi-bay shop is well equipped and spacious enough for any size truck repair, and our truck mechanics have been honing their craft with us for over 20 years. 

VMS Truck Repair Services List

From specialty truck repairs to routine truck maintenance services, VMS is a full service repair shop and our truck repair services list grows larger all the time. A sample list of our services includes: 

Suspension Repair

Drivetrain Repair

Truck Preventive Maintenance

Liftgate Service / Liftgate Repair

Bucket Truck Repair / Boom Truck Repair

Ladder Rack Install and Service

Box Truck Repair

Truck Hydraulic Repair and Service

box truck repair shop south charleston wv, box truck repair south charleston wv

Box Truck Repair & Maintenance 

bucket truck boom repair south charleston wv, hydraulic boom repair shop south charleston wv

Utility Truck Repair & Maintenance

semi truck repair shop south charleston wv, semi truck repair south charleston wv

Semi Tractor Trailer  Repair & Maintenance

hi rail repair south charleston wv, hy rail repair south charleston wv

Railroad Vehicles Repair & Maintenance

We repair trucks.

VMStruck repair professionals are qualified and dedicated to keeping your vehicles on the road and minimizing driver downtime.

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in diagnosing and repairing issues relating to commercial and fleet vehicle usage.

We don't discriminate on vehicle size or job, and treat them all as our own. You'll find vehicles of all sizes in our high-roofed, multi-bay, South Charleston truck repair shop including the big rigs and large railroad vehicles or hi rail trucks at any given time.

We value teamwork.

Efficiency is important to our success.

Our ASE-Certified technicians are cross-trained in various levels of truck repair.

This allows us to prioritize the right mechanic(s) for your particular needs, which means faster turnaround time.

That's something we can both appreciate.

bucket truck repair shop south charleston wv, bucket truck boom repair shop south charleston wv

Liftgate, Ladder Rack, and Bucket Truck Repair

Liftgate service and liftgate repair are specialty truck services at VMS, along with ladder rack service, and bucket truck repair. VMS services, repairs and replaces bucket truck booms, cylinders, controls, pumps, winches, and any other components necessary for safe and reliable operation.

Utility trucks in particular need special attention in hydraulic repair and maintenance.

VMS mechanics have a wealth of experience in these components and you can trust that the job will be handled to your satisfaction.

Box Truck Repair & Maintenance

Everyone has had to rent them at one time. The humble box truck or cube van is to businesses what the covered wagon was to settlers in the old west. Each would accrue a lot of mileage in it's lifetime and haul a number of goods.

While we don't get many covered wagons in our repair facility, the box truck is a frequent visitor to VMS. Box truck repair is one of our most requested services and there aren't many issues that we haven't been able to solve.

If your business relies on these trusty machines, you can rely on VMSto treat them with the necessary care to make 'em last.

box truck repair shop south charleston wv, box truck repair s. charleston wv
box truck maintenance shop south charleston wv, box truck maintenance shop 25309

Our Truck Repair Shop at 4236 Kanawha Tpk., S. Charleston WV 25309

Preferred Truck Repair & Maintenance Shop for the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA

VMSis an authorized NAPA TRUCK SERVICE CENTER and is on the list of preferred truck repair service providers for the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. 

See us in the NTTS Directory under "Truck Repair" in So. Charleston, WV.

dump truck hydraulic repair 25309, dump truck hydraulic maintenance 25309

Dump Truck Hydraulic Repair and Maintenance

 Do you own or manage a fleet of trucks? VMS Fleet Maintenance Solutions might just be the answer to your maintenance needs. Click here to find out why.

NAPA truck service center south charleston wv

NAPA Truck Service Center

fleet maintenance south charleston wv, fleet service south charleston wv

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, So. Charleston, WV 25309​​

Come visit us!

VMSis located at 4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston 25309 near the entrance to Little Creek Park. 

Click the contact link for directions or call us if there's a service you need that isn't listed above. 

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