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Auto Electronics Repair in South Charleston WV

Computer diagnostics and controls

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Don't overlook your car's electronics. A poorly operating vehicle can often be attributed to a faulty electronic control module (ECM) or other electronic controls. Bring your vehicle to VMS to ensure its electronic reliability.

VMS electronic services include:

Check Engine Light

A pesky "Check Engine" light is one of your vehicle's most uninvited guests. It could reveal a complex issue such as a faulty catalytic converter, or it could indicate something simple such as a gas cap not being tightened enough at your last fill-up. At VMS, our computer diagnostics testing can detect the problem quickly and accurately. Feel free to call us at 304-768-6200 or stop by our repair facility for assistance from the pros.

Truck & Automotive Computer

Today's vehicles normally include at least one computer, and its purpose is to control your engine and transmission functions. This module receives information provided by various sensors, and it manages peak performance of your engine by controlling fuel injectors, spark plugs and idle speed. A failing auto computer module or ECM can significantly affect the components it controls. Regular evaluations and updates of this computer module will ensure proper operation of your engine. VMS can repair or replace these modules if a problem exists. If you suspect a problem with your vehicle's computer or if you want to leave it up to the pros, visit VMS in South Charleston, WV 25309 today.

Truck & Automotive Computer Reflashing

Like your laptop computer, a vehicle's computer module may occasionally require a software update or reflash. If your vehicle's manufacturer requires a reflash, it can be done with a simple procedure and your car or truck will receive the latest updates to ensure peak performance. An example of one of these updates would be a transmission-shifting tweak by the manufacturer. Another update might provide an improvement to fuel efficiency or emissions. Vehicle manufacturers provide updates regularly, so there might be a possible update for your vehicle if you've never had it checked. Drop in to VMS or call us at 304-768-6200 if you'd like to have your vehicle checked.


VMS techs are able to analyze all of your vehicle's electronic parts. For VMS diagnostic services, come see us today.


"Ahh Fahrvergnügen!" We're showing our age when we quote that old Volkswagon ad from 1990, but VW's "Fahrvergnügen" ad campaign was a made up term for what we call "drivability." Drivability has to do with smooth and steady acceleration among other things. Drivability is also controlled by your car's computer. The readings that your car's computer receives from sensors are interpreted and then adjustments are made by the computer to make your engine and transmission operate at peak performance. If there are problems with this process, you'll often get a dashboard message or indicator light, telling you if a problem exists. To check your vehicle's drivability issues, visit VMS in South Charleston, WV 25309 today.


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