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Engine and Transmission  Services in South Charleston WV

Scheduled maintenance services at VMS

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For the heavy duty stuff, bring your vehicle to VMS! Our mechanics are experts in older or late model vehicles both domestic and imported. And since we guarantee our work, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best quality engine and replacement services in the South Charleston WV 25309 area.

Services we offer include:

Engine Tune Up and Inspect

Operating at peak performance improves fuel economy and efficiency. VMS can inspect the following to ensure efficiency and safety:

  • Oil change with the recommended grade of oil

  • Fuel filter inspection or replacement

  • Tire pressure check to specs

  • Intake system inspection and cleaning

  • Emissions and oxygen sensor inspection or replacement

  • Brake inspection/adjustment

  • Power steering system inspection/maintenance

  • Front suspension alignment

  • Fuel injectors - clean or replace

  • Spark plugs and plug wires - inspect or replace if necessary

  • Exhaust and catalytic converter inspection

  • Exhaust gas system inspection

  • Air filter inspection and replacement

  • Chassis lube

Diesel Engine Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is required for diesel engines, though they don't require the same tune-ups as a gasoline engine. Typical diesel maintenance services include:

  • Fuel system bleeding

  • Draining the water separators

  • Urea injection system refills

  • Oil & filter changes

  • Air filter changes

  • Fuel filter changes

The experts at VMS can help ensure the longevity of your diesel engine for years of dependability.

Engine Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance can increase the lifespan of an engine and maintain peak performance. Preventive maintenance will ensure longevity of your engine and also maintain fuel economy. Engines don't last forever but regular maintenance from VMS professionals will allow you to squeeze as many miles as possible and meet or exceed the manufactures projected lifespan of your engine. To have that service performed by experts, call us at 304-768-6200 or stop by our shop.

Engine Repair

When it comes time for a repair, bring your vehicle to VMS. Our diagnostic services will allow us to determine the extent of the problem quickly and accurately to limit your vehicle's time in the shop. We're ready to help!

Engine Replacement

If your engine's lifespan has reached an end and constant repairs become the norm, your vehicle might be a candidate for an engine replacement. Our technicians can help you decide if an engine replacement would be the right course of action. Don't stress. Bring it to VMSat 4236 Kanawha Turnpike in South Charleston and we'd be happy to discuss your options.

Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt is what synchronizes the camshaft of your engine with the crankshaft rotation so that the engine valves open and close at the precise times. A broken timing belt can leave you stranded so it is important to consider having your timing belt replaced when your vehicle manufacturer suggests to do so in the owner's manual of your vehicle. This service often gets overlooked by vehicle owners because the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," comes into play. Somehow we don't think they had timing belts in mind when that old adage became a popular phrase. To have your vehicle's timing belt checked or replaced by professionals, contact VMStoday.

Transmission Flush

If your engine sounds fine but your car just wont "go," ask yourself if there are grinding noises, slipping gears, problems shifting, surging of the vehicle or any delays in movement when the vehicle is put into gear. These problems could indicate that a transmission flush is needed. Most manufactures recommend a flush at 30,000 miles but some of those symptoms listed above may indicate that a transmission flush is needed sooner. The service can be done in a relatively short time and will wash away any dirt, metal shavings or clutch material. Call 304-768-6200 or visit VMSat the manufacturer suggested interval or sooner if you experience any of those annoying symptoms.

Transmission Repair

Sometimes transmission issues can be cured by simply making adjustments to your transmission or replacing parts or seals. VMSprofessionals will assess your transmission to determine if your trouble can be fixed in this manner or if a replacement is needed. VMSservices both manual and automatic transmissions and we would be happy to determine your best course of action. To have this done by our experts, call 304-768-6200 to talk to the mechanics today.

Transmission Replacement

VMScan replace your car's transmission with a variety of options such as new, rebuilt, remanufactured, or used transmission. Contact us in South Charleston, WV to find out which option works best for your vehicle and budget.


4236 Kanawha Tpk., 

South Charleston, WV 25309

(304) 768-6200

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