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Hi-Rail Repair &  Maintenance in So. Charleston WV

Hy-Rail Services at VMS

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FRI 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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Hi-Rail, High-Rail or Hy-Rail?

There are many variations of the name. Hi-rail is the general spelling used to refer to rail-road vehicles that can operate on both rails and roads, and Hy-Rail is a trademark name for Harsco Rail products. You might notice these spelling variations throughout this page, for purposes of designating Harsco Rail products and also to allow us to be more easily "found" in Google search results.  

VMStechnicians are certified for both Hy-Rail and hi-rail repair, maintenance and inspections.

HyRail, hi rail, high rail, harsco
HyRail repair south charleston WV, hi rail repair south charleston WV

"Charleston WV's only FR​A certified hi-rail inspection station"

Rail Gear Inspection and Repair

Our technicians are trained and certified to recognize and repair any problems you may have with your hi-rail vehicle. 

Tram, wheel wear and gage, warning lights/beacons, and backup alarms are a few things we'll cover in an inspection of your hi-rail vehicle in our rail vehicle repair shop in the South Charleston 25309 area. 

If further mechanical work or maintenance is needed on your hi-rail vehicle, always remember that VMS also specializes in truck repair and fleet maintenance and we would be happy to address any issues you might be having.

We're proud to say that VMS is Charleston WV's only FRA certified hi-rail inspection station, and we look forward to inspecting and maintaining your rail vehicle fleet. Call us at (304) 768-6200 for more information.

Rail Vehicle Maintenance in South Charleston WV

VMS is located at 4236 Kanawha Turnpike in South Charleston WV, adjacent to the CSX rail lines behind Thomas Memorial Hospital, and within 1000ft of the Chesapeake Street crossing. If your business depends on a Hy-Rail truck or a fleet of railroad service trucks, trust VMS to provide your Hy-Rail maintenance and repair services in the 25309 area. 

Vintage Rail Road Vehicle Photos

hi-rail service charleston wv, hyrail service charleston wv
hi rail repair charleston wv, hyrail repair charleston wv
hi-rail maintenance charleston wv, hyrail maintenance charleston wv
hyrail repair near me 25309, hi-rail repair near me 25309

The rail rider shown in the two photos above are of the same hi-rail vehicle. It's a beautifully restored 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Station Wagon that was converted to a hi-rail vehicle by the Fairmont Motor Car company, according to Nevada Northern Railway's website, and is apparently available for booking to anyone wanting to take it out on a 10 mile rail trip. How cool is that?!! 

To find out more, just click their linkin this post. You'll find an interesting history of the vehicle as well. 

The old VW bus hi-rail vehicle on the left is certainly on our bucket list. Apparently there were many of these in use as railroad vehicles. A Google images search for "VW hi rail" shows quite a collection of them. 

Lastly, another Pontiac, a 1958 Pontiac station wagon rail rider is seen here, courtesy of Bytown Railway Society, and can be seen at the following link:

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