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in South Charleston WV 25309

Quality Repair Solutions

Repair and maintenance services

As a total-care vehicle repair facility in South Charleston, WV, VMSoffers extensive truck, auto, and RV repair and maintenance services in a great location. We have experienced mechanics who are equipped to perform planned or unexpected repairs. When you choose VMS, expect our team to discuss which services your vehicles need to keep you involved in the maintenance of your fleet.

Our high roofed, multi-bay facility offers:

State Inspections and Inspection Stickers

Drivetrain Repair and Service

Cooling System for Truck, Auto, RV

Wiring and Electrical Troubleshooting for Truck, Auto, RV

Computer Diagnostics for Truck, Auto, RV

Electronic Services for Truck, Auto, RV

Preventive Maintenance for Truck, Auto, RV

Hydraulic System Repair for all Vehicles - Hoses, Lifts, Seals, Recondition

Air Conditioning for Truck, Auto, RV

Tire Repair and Tire Sales

Suspension Repair for Truck, Auto, RV

Generator Maintenance for Truck, RV

Trailer Repair for Truck, Auto, RV

Liftgate Service

Ladder Rack Service

Charging Systems for Truck, Auto, RV

General Repair and many more services not listed

For any unlisted services, please give us a call or stop by our shop! 

Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Device Install

Your vehicle's catalytic converter is more than an ingenious device to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. It's a source of revenue for opportunistic thieves looking to score a quick buck from the scrap value of the precious metals it contains. 

Find out how you can fight back against this growing and costly menace by clicking the button here:

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Anti Theft Device Install

Like a catalytic converter on a gasoline powered vehicle, a diesel particulate filter contains valuable precious metals that are attractive to thieves. Learn how you can limit theft of these devices by clicking the button here:

Winterizing Your Vehicle(s)

Proper winterization is one of many services offered by VMSand you can be assured that the job will be done quickly and in accordance with manufacturer specifications. 

Services for winterizing your gasoline powered or diesel fueled engine can overlap, meaning that many of the services are the same, such as lubrication, belts, hoses, coolant, tires and wiper blade checks or replacement.

Diesel engines however, require a bit more attention to issues such as the right fuel or fuel additives for extreme cold, draining the water separator and filter replacement and making sure the battery is powerful enough for cold weather starts.

There are other issues to be addressed in properly winterizing your vehicle or fleet, and the experts at VMSwould be happy to point them out in order to assure you that your car or truck is ready for the cold.

Entrust us with all your equipment

Whether you own a truck, trailer or vehicle(s) with diesel engines, count on our mechanics to repair and maintain them. Reach us via phoneor email for more information about VMS repair services.

We will treat them all as we would our own! Contact us.

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Sat: Closed

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